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Adobe InDesign CC Boot Camp

Course Length: 3 days
Certifications: Adobe Certified Associate
Number of Exams: 1

Class Schedule
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The Adobe Certified Associate is an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates proficiency in Adobe digital skills. Whether you're just starting out in your career, looking to switch jobs or interested in preparing students for success in the job market, the Adobe Certified Associate program is for you.

The Adobe Certified Associate program allows you to demonstrate proficiency in the Adobe digital skills required for a number of creative careers. Become an Adobe Certified Associate to stand apart from your peers, boost your creative confidence, and expand your career opportunities.

For employers, the certification provides skill-verification tools that not only help assess a person's skills in using Adobe InDesign but also the ability to quickly complete on-the-job tasks across multiple programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

An Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification helps validate proficiency in using Adobe applications, and meets the demand for the most up-to-date skills on the latest Adobe technologies. Candidates who pass a certification exam show that they can meet globally recognized performance standards.

Adobe InDesign CC Level 1

In this course, you will become familiar with beginner features and functionality of Adobe InDesign CC.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Fundamentals
  • Introducing the workspace
  • Selecting and using tools
  • Reviewing the Control panel and Application bar
  • Reviewing the document window and pasteboard
  • Working with multiple document windows
  • Working with panels
  • Opening and closing panels
  • Expanding and collapsing panels
  • Rearranging and customizing panels
  • Moving the Tools panel and Control panel
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Using the view commands
  • Using the Zoom tool
  • Navigating through a document
  • Navigating pages
  • Using the Hand tool
  • Using context menus
  • Using panel menus
  • Modifying interface preferences
  • Exploring on your own
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 2: Getting to Know InDesign
  • Getting started
  • Viewing guides
  • Preflighting as you work
  • Adding text
  • Typing and styling text
  • Importing and flowing text
  • Working with styles
  • Applying paragraph styles
  • Formatting text for the character style
  • Creating and applying a character style
  • Working with graphics
  • Working with objects
  • Moving and rotating an object
  • Changing an object's stroke and fill
  • Working with object styles
  • Viewing the document in Presentation mode
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 3: Setting Up a Document and Working with Pages
  • Getting started
  • Creating and saving custom document settings
  • Creating a new document
  • Working with master pages
  • Adding guides to the master page
  • Dragging guides from rulers
  • Step and repeat, paste, and delete guides
  • Creating a text frame on the master page
  • Renaming the master page
  • Adding placeholder frames for text
  • Adding placeholder frames for graphics
  • Creating an additional master page
  • Overriding master items
  • Modifying a parent master
  • Applying master pages to document pages
  • Adding new document pages
  • Rearranging and deleting document pages
  • Changing the size of pages within one InDesign file
  • Using the Measure tool
  • Adding sections to change page numbering
  • Overriding master page items and placing text and graphics
  • Replacing placeholder text
  • Printing to the edge of the paper: using the bleed guides
  • Viewing the completed spread
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 4: Working with Objects
  • Getting started
  • Working with layers
  • Creating and reordering layers
  • Move items to the Background layer
  • Creating, modifying and resizing text frames
  • Reshaping a text frame
  • Creating multicolumn text frames
  • Adjusting text inset and vertical alignment
  • Creating and modifying graphics frames
  • Drawing a new graphics frame
  • Placing a graphic within an existing frame
  • Resizing a graphics frame to crop a graphic
  • Placing a graphic without an existing frame
  • Placing multiple graphics in a grid of frames
  • Resizing and moving images within frames
  • Adjusting the space between frames
  • Adding metadata captions to graphics frames
  • Placing and linking graphics frames
  • Modifying and updating parent-child graphics frames
  • Wrapping text around a graphic
  • Transforming the shape of frames
  • Working with compound shapes
  • Converting shapes
  • Repeating shapes
  • Adding rounded corners to frames
  • Transforming and aligning objects
  • Rotating an object and image within its frame
  • Aligning and Scaling multiple objects
  • Transforming multiple objects
  • Selecting and modifying grouped objects
  • Drawing lines and modifying arrowheads
  • Creating a QR code
  • Finishing up
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 5: Flowing Text
  • Flowing text into an existing frame
  • Importing text into an existing text frame
  • Applying a paragraph style
  • Resizing text frames automatically
  • Flowing text manually
  • Creating text frames while flowing text
  • Creating threaded frames automatically
  • Flowing text automatically
  • Applying paragraph styles to text
  • Adjusting columns
  • Using the baseline grid to align text
  • Viewing the baseline grid
  • Adding a jump line page number
  • Tips, tricks and recommended resources
  • Review questions and answers

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Adobe InDesign CC Level 2

In this course, you will become familiar with intermediate features and functionality of Adobe InDesign CC.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Editing Text
  • Getting started
  • Finding and changing a missing font
  • Entering and importing text
  • Entering text
  • Importing text
  • Finding and changing text and formatting
  • Finding and changing text
  • Finding and changing formatting
  • Checking spelling
  • Checking spelling in the document
  • Adding words to a document-specific dictionary
  • Automatically correcting misspelled words
  • Editing text by dragging and dropping
  • Using the Story Editor
  • Tracking changes
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 2: Working with Typography
  • Adjusting vertical spacing
  • Changing the spacing between paragraphs
  • Working with fonts, type styles, and glyphs
  • Adding a font from Adobe Fonts
  • Adding a special character
  • Applying a stroke and fill to text
  • Inserting fraction characters
  • Working with columns
  • Specifying columns for a text frame
  • Creating a straddle head
  • Adjusting columns
  • Changing paragraph alignment
  • Hanging punctuation outside the margin
  • Creating a drop cap
  • Adjusting letter and word spacing
  • Adjusting the tracking and kerning
  • Adjusting line breaks
  • Hyphenation settings
  • Inserting a manual line break
  • Setting tabs
  • Aligning text to tabs and adding tab leaders
  • Creating a numbered list with a hanging indent
  • Working with paragraph shading and rules
  • Applying shading to a paragraph
  • Applying a rule to a paragraph
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 3: Working with Color
  • Managing color
  • The need for color management
  • Displaying images at full resolution
  • Specifying color settings in InDesign
  • Proofing colors onscreen
  • Defining printing requirements
  • Loading a preflight profile
  • Selecting a preflight profile
  • Converting a color mode for a swatch
  • Creating colors
  • Creating a PANTONE color swatch
  • Creating CMYK color swatches
  • Applying colors
  • Applying fill colors to objects
  • Applying colors to strokes
  • Applying colors to text
  • Working with tint swatches
  • Creating a tint swatch
  • Applying a tint swatch
  • Working with gradients
  • Creating a gradient swatch
  • Applying a gradient swatch
  • Adjusting the direction of the gradient blend
  • Working with color groups
  • Adding colors to a color group
  • Previewing the final document
  • Exploring on your own
  • Creating a color theme
  • Viewing color themes
  • Adding a theme to the Swatches panel and CC Library
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 4: Working with Styles
  • Creating and applying paragraph styles
  • Creating a paragraph style
  • Applying a paragraph style
  • Creating and applying character styles
  • Creating a character style
  • Applying a character style
  • Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles
  • Creating character styles for nesting
  • Creating a nested style
  • Creating and applying object styles
  • Formatting an object for a style
  • Creating an object style
  • Applying an object style
  • Creating and applying table and cell styles
  • Creating cell styles
  • Creating a table style
  • Applying a table style
  • Globally updating styles
  • Loading styles from another document
  • Finishing up
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 5: Importing and Modifying Graphics
  • Adding graphics from other programs
  • Comparing vector and bitmap graphics
  • Managing links to imported files
  • Identifying imported images
  • Viewing information about linked files
  • Showing files in Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS)
  • Updating revised graphics
  • Adjusting display quality
  • Importing and sizing graphics
  • Import, size, and crop
  • Place a graphic into an existing frame and use frame fitting options
  • Place a graphic into an existing frame by dropping from the desktop
  • Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics
  • Editing placed pictures
  • Working with dropped backgrounds
  • Working with clipping paths from Photoshop in InDesign
  • Working with transparent backgrounds from Photoshop in InDesign
  • Importing native Adobe graphic files
  • Working with a Photoshop file with layers
  • Creating an anchored graphics frame
  • Adding text wrap to an anchored graphics frame
  • Importing an Illustrator file
  • Importing an Illustrator file with layers
  • Creating and Using an InDesign library to manage objects
  • Tips, tricks and recommended resources
  • Review questions and answers

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Adobe InDesign CC Level 3

In this course, you will become familiar with advanced features and functionality of Adobe InDesign CC.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Tables
  • Creating a table
  • Converting text to a table
  • Changing rows and columns
  • Adding and deleting rows
  • Deleting rows
  • Rearranging rows and columns
  • Adjusting column widths, row heights, and text placement
  • Merging cells
  • Formatting a table
  • Adding a fill pattern
  • Applying a fill color to cells
  • Editing cell strokes
  • Adding table borders
  • Adding graphics to table cells
  • Converting cells to graphic cells
  • Placing images in graphic cells
  • Adjusting the row heights
  • Anchoring graphics in table cells
  • Creating a header row
  • Creating and applying table and cell styles
  • Creating table and cell styles
  • Applying table and cell styles
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 2: Working with Transparency
  • Importing and colorizing a grayscale image
  • Applying transparency settings
  • About the Effects panel
  • Changing the opacity of solid-color objects
  • Applying a blending mode
  • Adding transparency effects to imported vector and bitmap graphics
  • Applying transparency to a vector graphic
  • Applying transparency to a bitmap graphic
  • Importing and adjusting Illustrator files that use transparency
  • Applying transparency settings to text
  • Working with effects
  • Applying a basic feather to the edges of an image
  • Applying a gradient feather
  • Adding a drop shadow to text
  • Applying multiple effects to an object
  • Copying effects between objects
  • Editing and removing effects
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 3: Printing and Exporting
  • Preflighting files
  • Previewing separations
  • Managing colors
  • Using the Ink Manager
  • Previewing transparency effects
  • Previewing the pages
  • Creating an Adobe PDF proof
  • Creating a press-ready PDF and saving a PDF preset
  • Sharing a preset
  • Printing a proof and saving a print preset
  • Print Booklet
  • Packaging files
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 4: Creating Adobe PDF Files with Form Fields
  • Set up a workspace for forms
  • Adding form fields
  • Adding text fields
  • Adding either/or choices: radio buttons
  • Adding yes or no choices: check boxes
  • Adding a list of choices: combo box
  • Setting the tab order of the fields
  • Adding a button to submit the form
  • Exporting an interactive Adobe PDF file
  • Testing your form in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Review questions and answers
Lesson 5: Creating a Fixed-layout EPUB
  • Creating a new document for fixed-layout export
  • EPUB: Reflowable versus fixed-layout
  • Adding animation
  • Using a motion preset to create animation
  • Adjusting the timing of animations
  • Buttons
  • Using buttons to play animations
  • Using a button to trigger custom motion paths for animations
  • Creating a navigation button
  • Creating a pop-up caption
  • Adding multimedia and interactive elements
  • Adding a movie
  • Adding a sound
  • Creating a slideshow
  • Creating a hyperlink
  • Exporting an EPUB file
  • Exploring on your own
  • Timing animations
  • Adding sound control buttons and captions
  • Review questions and answers

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